Thursday 21 May 2020

Who doesn't enjoy a good hack?

I am still riding the "online chess is fast and loose" horse, and the latest online Super GM event is providing more evidence. In the just started Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge, Lev Aronian goes wrong in a Petroff middlegame and after 22 moves has little choice but to resign. Apparently the culprit was 13... c5, which was played after 15 seconds of thought, although it really goes wrong after 15... c4

Carlsen,Magnus (2881) - Aronian,Levon (2778) [C42]
Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge Online (2.6), 19.05.2020


Shane Lawson said...

My engine has it still pretty even after 13...c5 & 14c4, with, if anything, a minute or slight advantage to black.

Shane Lawson said...

I think white gets a significant advantage(+1.86) only after 15...c4 16Bxc4.