Saturday 2 May 2020

Bored games

Firstly, I apologise for opening with an atrocious pun. Having got that out of the way, I've noticed that it isn't just chess that is moving their activities online. I listened to an interview this morning about online Scrabble, and during the week had a long conversations with Dr Greg Ash, who organises Backgammon in the ACT about online events.
While chess probably leads the way in this regard, most boardgames can be played online, an in some cases are probably easier to do so (eg have you ever succeeded in finding exactly 7 players for Diplomacy?). The issues of fairplay and online behaviour also seem pretty similar, although there are still some games where AI hasn't taken over yet. Curiously, one feature of online backgammon, is met with suspicion by some players. Having the dice rolled by the server (as opposed to the players) seems like a no-brainer, but ever since I've played online Backgammon (over 20 years ago), every bad beat, missed hit, or poor roll is due to a dodgy RNG, rather than due to law of 'stuff happens'.
But this is the environment we are now playing in, and so if you still want to play the games you enjoy, you probably just have to accept that there will be things that don't always go your way.

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Shane Lawson said...

You're channelling Iggy Pop.... "I'm bored.... I'm the Chairman of the board!" Lol.