Wednesday 27 May 2020

The Ultimate Misclick

I do not know if this is a common occurrence, but I have now seen it happen at least twice in the last two weeks. In a drawn position in online games, I have seen players resign for no obvious reason. I can only assume that they meant to offer a draw, but clicked the resign flag instead.
While the obvious response is "they should have been more careful" I wonder if a UI redesign is called for. As Stewart Rueben once said to me "If more than 1 person doesn't understand what a phrase means, then it is worth looking at fixing it up"

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Anonymous said...

Exactly, on in my case, I've resigned twice by accident in the middle of games, not when trying to offer a draw, but when trying to click on the "<-" button in the analyzer to go back a few moves. The resign button is just under that button (which you will frequently be pressing if you use the analyzer feature), and even with "confirm resignations" on, the "YES" button appears in the exact same place the "resign" button is, meaning that trying to double click the "<-" button can easily instantly resign you if you miss it by even a cm (as the hitbox for the "resign" button is far bigger than just the "resign" text.)

The closeness of those frequently used buttons and the draw/resign button is just an example of bad UX, same as the closeness of the draw & resign buttons, it could be easily mitigated by making the hitboxes for the two buttons smaller or more distinct, but it should really be fixed with a minor redesign.