Monday 11 May 2020


China has won the FIDE Online Nations Cup, not by beating the USA, but by winning one important game. The 4 board final between the two teams finished 2-2, but China went into the match with draw odds, having finished in first place during the preliminary rounds.
With two games drawn, the best performing Chinese player, Yangyi Yu launched a devastating sacrificial attack against Hikaru Nakamura. He sacrificed his knight on move 26, and by move 34 it was all over. As a result the Chinese team reached the 2 points required, and although Fabiano Caruana won the final game to finish for the US, first prize went to the Chinese.

Yu,Yangyi (2738) - So,Wesley (2741) [D38]
FIDE Online Nations Cup (11.3), 10.05.2020


Shane Lawson said...

U said it was against Nakamura... But the game has Wesley So as the opponent!?

Shane Lawson said...

Lol... a case of all asians look alike?!