Wednesday 13 May 2020

How much wood on the fire?

Normally when assessing the soundness of a sacrifice, you are either looking for mate, or eventually winning back material. Sometimes there are occasions when you need to work out how much you are giving up for a more immediate return.
This was the decision I made when playing an online event this evening. While looking at 10.Ne5 I was aware of the sacrifice on f7, but when I reached move 12, it took me a while before deciding to take. What eventually convinced my was the capture on c7 at the end of the sequence, as I felt R+B+N was enough for Q+3P and an exposed king. Nonetheless, it wasn't until there was more tactics a few moves on, that the idea turned out to be a good one.
Slightly annoyingly, one minute into my second game my router decided to restart itself, and I both lost the game through disconnection, and was then booted from the tournament.

shaunpress (1898) - beare840 (1432) [B01]
Live Chess, 13.05.2020

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