Sunday, 14 August 2016

Who's who at the 2016 Chess Olympiad

The organisers of the 2016 Chess Olympiad have published the team lists for the Open and Women's Olympiad. Top seed in the Open is Russia, followed by the USA, China and Azebaijan.  In the Women's Olympiad, China is the top seed, with Russia, Ukraine and Georgia filling the next 3 spots.
Australia has a fairly high seeding in the Open (46), while the Womens' Team is seeded 54th.
Both Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin are playing for their respective countries, although India is missing Anand, while the event will be missing the entire Armenian team. The Papua New Guinea team is seeded 148th, slightly ahead of a couple of traditional rivals (Fiji, Guam, Bermuda) but surprisingly only a few spots behind teams like Botswana, who are usually further up the table.


Name/URL said...

I see IPCA is still there. Wasn't there some discussion that they had to be removed to comply with IOC? Can't really imagine that happening though.

ThanklessTemerity said...

It's IBCA, ICCD, and IPCA. I think it was last GA that FIDE execs tried to justify this, saying they would argue with IOC that chess was a great example to show how disabled persons could compete on the same playing field as others.

Given that Rio had a refugee team this year, I don't know what the argument is against this from their side anymore.

Of course, the Pistorius verdict shows that you have to balance "competition" correctly, but unless someone is claiming to have a disability that necessitates a Stockfish cyborgism, I don't see this as relevant in chess.

Anonymous said...

Sabine Auken is leading a "charge" in the bridge world for the players to have more role, rather than laeve everything to delegates and federations.

Is something similar possible in chess (besides the feckless ACP)?