Sunday 21 August 2016

The engine

IM Moulthun Ly was one of Australia's heroes at the 2012 Olympiad in Istanbul. Playing on board 2 in his first ever Olympiad he scored 7/10 and helped Australia finish in a tie for 19th place. This year he has dropped down a board (with the return of GM Zong Yuan Zhao) and once again may prove to be a significant contributor to the Australian score.
Both he and IM Anton Smirnov are warming up by playing in a number of events in Europe. Ly had a strong event in Lativa, finishing just behind the winners in the Riga University Open. He might have even had a chance at a GM norm, except for the fact he only played two GM's. He has one more event to play before the Olympiad, and if he stays on form, another GM norm is a distinct possibility.

Kriebel,Tadeas (2462) - Ly,Moulthun (2501) [B06]
Riga Tech Open A 2016 Riga LAT (8.11), 13.08.2016

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