Monday, 29 August 2016

While in the UAE

One thing I am missing out on while in Al Ain, is the 23rd Abu Dhabi Chess Festival. Despite it only being a 90 minute drive away, it clashes with the Asian Chess Federation meeting I am attending, and so will miss the last round.
This is particularly significant as Australian IM Moulthun Ly is one game away from a GM norm. He is currently performing at 2610 (10 points above the minimum rating requirement) and is paired with GM Zahar Efimenko (2661) and a draw will be enough. As both players are 1.5 points behind the leaders, the chances of a peaceful result are increased as there is no huge pot of gold awaiting the winner. Also playing is GM Max Illingworth who is currently on 4.5/8, and is looking for a last round win to give him a good result going into the Olympiad.

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Anonymous said...

Not to be negative about it, but Moulthun Ly scored -1 in 6 games against 2600 players, and +3 against 2400 and lower. Unfortunately, I think this is the way of the "modern" GM norm, finish above average in a big Swiss with a marginal 2600 performance from beating lower lights and not losing (too much) to draw-obliging superiors, many of whom are happy to draw after not getting a good enough start, and are just finishing out to claim their meagre appearance money.

The alternative, "GM norm" round robins that are popular in eastern Europe, have their own set of problems.

Winning the Sydney 2014 Open was a much better result for him.