Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The joy of six

Studying very short games might not teach you much about positional chess, but it does help sharpen your tactics. This is doubly so if you are new to the game, and are still trying to understand why you just lost in under 10 moves.
Obviously games that end in two moves aren't particularly helpful (unless you are filming a scene for Columbo ) but games that end in 5 or 6 moves can be a good start. Probably the most common six move mate is the smothered mate trap in the Caro-Kan, but here is one that shows you how powerful discovered checks (and pawn promotions) can be.

Laporte,Damien (2143) - Duc,Marie Christine [B01]
Creon op 10th Creon (6), 04.08.2005

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