Saturday, 20 August 2016

Vale ANU Chess Club

Due to a decline in numbers, plus some issues with venue management, the Australian National University Chess Club is closing next week. The club has run for the last 10 years, but like most university chess clubs, most of the players at the club weren't actually students! It was mainly organised by university staff members (including myself) but as most of us no longer have a connection with the university, it was getting harder to organise venues etc
The final club night will be this Wednesday evening (24th August) from 7pm. It will be a 9 round blitz event and all past players are welcome to attend. There is of course no charge (and no prizes) but these tournaments are usually more social than serious, and is a fitting way to see the club off.


Pete (Ireland) said...

That's a great shame. I have fond memories of the ANU chess club from when I was last in Canberra in 2010, when it was thriving. And thanks to Shaun for all the work he put in running it.

Anonymous said...

It was an excellent club. In the early days there were times when power outages during the middle of the evening playing sessions was normal. There were times when leaving the building required a pass. There was also the time when we played in the second storey of the same building.
Please bring a camera to record the last night of play.
How times have changed!