Saturday 28 May 2016

Zig then zag

Here is a cute study I found in 'Secrets of Spectacular Chess' by Levitt and Friedgood. Although I already have a second hand copy of this highly regarded book, I managed to pick up a new copy for $10 today. I figured a second copy at that price wouldn't hurt, as I may lend it to one of my enthusiastic students, to introduce them to the beauty of chess studies.
As for this study (by Rinck) it is White to play and win. Clearly there are some clues in the initial position about what the ensuing play is likely to be, but if you need a further clue, then look to the headline.


Anonymous said...

The biggest clue is "Rinck" --- master of the domination study.

Anonymous said...

Its actually white to move & win in 45 moves 1.Kb8
according to 6 man db