Wednesday 25 May 2016

You only have to be right once

The great thing about being a kibitzer is that you only have to be right once. While the two players in front of you have to make sure every move is accurate, you can toss around bizarre suggestions like election promises, knowing that if your wrong no one will remember, but if you are right, then you are a genius.  This is especially common in tactical games, where the old adage about sacrificing other peoples pieces is doubly true.
As my point needs an example, I've dug up an old CC game I played. Ignoring the fact that there weren't any spectators in a real sense, I could just imagine the virtual spectators calling for the sacrifice on f2. It turns out that if my opponent has just moved the king to f1 then more work was needed, but once he took on f2 I, and any potential kibitzer, was on the fast road to victory.

Chessnut - Press,Shaun [C63]
Chessworld, 03.11.2009

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