Wednesday 18 May 2016

I forgot to offer a draw

This game is a kind of follow up to last weeks game at the ANU Chess Club. It was the same opening at the start (Closed Sicilian) although I played it a little more flexibly this time. For a while I was toying with the idea of landing a piece on f5, but this was both unsound and unnecessary. Instead I just kept the position under control and took advantage of the opportunities as they arose.
The key moment was when I was able to play 29.g5, although 29.Rxf6! was even stronger, as g5 then wins back the rook due to the pin after Qxe5. After that it was just a matter of eliminating pieces, avoiding tricks, and finally finding the forced mate at the end.

Press,Shaun - de Noskowski,Adrian [B26]
ANU Autumn Swiss, 18.05.2016

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Dean Boulton said...


Well played! Could have used a dubious sacrifice or two to spice it up though. I guess you guys weren't in the coffee shop this round