Sunday 15 May 2016

2016 European Championship

The 2016 European Championship is currently underway, with just over 100 GM's playing in the 245 player field. As with recent editions of this event, there are a few 2700+ players (5 this year) followed by a larger bunch of 2600+ GM's (another 55). For some players (at the top), it is about winning the title and prize money, but for the larger group, just grabbing a World Cup qualifying spot is the aim.
At this stage 3 rounds have been players, and there is still a large group on a perfect score. I would normally point you at the organisers page for further info, and while it is a very nice website, it lacks the one thing that makes it truly useful, content. So instead, hit for the results, and for the live game coverage.

Zhigalko,Sergei (2647) - Boruchovsky,Avital (2542) [C02]
17th ch-EUR Indiv 2016 Gjakova KOS (3.32), 14.05.2016

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