Wednesday 4 May 2016

The queen sac on d1

In last nights club game, I had the chance to sacrifice my queen on d1 early in the game, in return for a check on b5 and the start of an attack. It turns out the sacrifice was overly hopeful (ie unsound) and as a result I chose not to play it. However there have been plenty of examples where it has worked, and it is a useful idea to know.
The basic idea is to capture on e5 with a knight pinned by the bishop on g4, allowing the queen on d1 to be captured (an idea also seen in Legals mate). The f1 bishop then checks on b5, and if all goes to plan, White recoups the surrender queen with interest.
However the example I have chosen to show, does not end in a win for white, but only a draw. However it is still of interest as it shows the basic idea, and was played between to exceptionally strong players.

Renet,Olivier (2520) - Miles,Anthony J (2600) [B00]
Linares zt Linares (5), 1995

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