Thursday 14 January 2016

Keres 100 year Anniversary

This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Paul Keres. Considered by many as the best player never to play for the World Championship title, he was born in Estonia in 1916, but passed away at the relatively young age of 59.
There have already been a couple of events to celebrate the anniversary, and Estonia have commemorated Keres by issuing a 2 euro coin with his picture on it (he previously appeared on the Estonian 5 Krooni note)
He first became widely known at the 1935 Olympiad, with his win over William Winter being quite well known. However he scored a number of brilliant wins at this event, including the following game against Gideon Stahlberg.

Keres,Paul Petrovich - Stahlberg,Gideon [C02]
Warsaw ol (Men) Warsaw (18), 1935

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Graham Clayton said...

Awesome game by Keres - the Black queen and knight are no match for the four co-ordinated White pieces.