Monday 18 January 2016

Hack meets counter hack

Long time readers of this blog will know that when the French Defence features on these pages, it usually doesn't end well for Black. The French is like the Washington Generals of chess openings, usually turning up to make the other side look good.
But it sometimes turns out that the French can carry some bite. If White ignores Black's play on the queenside, then one false move can end in disaster. So for the sake of fairness, here is an example from the Australian juniors where White's kingside hack was more hope than science and Black was able to counter attack with remarkable speed.

Willathgamuwa,Kevin - Gooch,Heath [C02]
Australian Junior Under 16, 17.01.2016

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Graham Clayton said...

15. Bxg6, while winning a pawn, seems to be the losing move - the black rook and queen zero in on the undefended f2 sqaure, with disastrous consequences for White.