Saturday 23 January 2016

Fast CC

It seems that Correspondence Chess is no longer safe from the demands of this modern, fast paced society. As an experiment, the CCLA is trialling 'Fast' CC events, to see whether this fits the gap between traditional CC and on line turn based games. Of course 'Fast' is still not fast by real time standards, but the time control of 100 moves in 60 days, followed by 100 moves in 10 days is still pretty quick. The idea is to both give players enough time to make it through most of the game at a sensible pace, while not leaving the final stage to drag out over a period of months.
The first event is underway, and it looks like the players are getting into the swing of things. There are few games where both players still have their 60 days on the clock (due to the fact that moves that take less than a day are essentially free), and a couple of games that have ended surprisingly quickly.
In the game below both players rattled off their moves quite quickly, but while White was hunting the rook on a8, it was Black who crashed through on the kingside.

Anderson,Len (1212) - Ward,Bill (1585) [A10]


Unknown said...

Hopefully other Islamic countries won't feel the need to follow this fatwa ... and no more Qatar Open, Al-Ain Classic etc.

Graham Clayton said...

Len Anderson has been one of my regular opponents on the ICCF Webserver in the past couple of years.