Wednesday 27 January 2016

Chess for the next two months

If you are local to Canberra (or the surrounding region) then the next two months is going to be pretty busy in regards to your chess calendar. There are a number of upcoming events, not just locally, which you might want to have a go at. Most of these are also FIDE rated events, so if you are looking at getting an international rating as quickly as possible, here is your chance.

  • ANU Chess Club Masters and Challengers begins on February 3. The top section is an 8 player RR, while the challengers is a FIDE rated swiss, open to all
  • 2016 ACT Championship is on the 12,13,14,20,21 of February. This is a 9 round FIDE Rated Open, played over 2 weekends (with a Friday night start). Details at ACT Chess Association Website
  • 2016 Dubbo Open 12/13 March, Dubbo NSW. This is a 6 round weekend with a time limit of G60m+10s (ACF Rated)
  • 2016 Ballarat Begonia Open, 12,13,14 March, Ballarat Victoria. The number 1 weekender in Victoria is celebrating its 50th edition. 7 round FIDE rated Open Swiss
  • 2016 O2C Doeberl Cup, 24-28 March. Australia's biggest weekend event. Top 3 sections are FIDE rated, with title norms on offer in the Premier. Full details at O2C Doeberl Cup homepage
And for those that can't get away on weekends, there is still plenty of weeknight chess in Canberra. Click on the ACTCA link for details of all the clubs.

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Alana Chibnall said...

Apparently Ballarat is not being FIDE rated this year.