Tuesday 26 January 2016

Gibraltar 2016

Gibraltar 2016 is starting tonight with the usual GM heavy field. Although there is a clash with Tata Steel, the highly regarded open still has plenty of grunt at the top. Hikaru Nakamura is the top seed, and the top 10 players are all rated 2700 or above.
Unlike the Qatar Masters (and other type events), this is truly an Open, with players rated as low as 1600 in the field. While not quite rated that low, two young Australian IM's, Moulthun Ly and Justin Tan are also playing. Gibraltar  has been a happy tournament for Ly previously, as he scored one of his IM norms there a number of years back.
The first round begins this evening (or early morning Australian time), although you can pick up earlier coverage of the Challengers event, which starts in the morning their time. All the details and results are on the tournament web site.

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