Wednesday 19 August 2015

Turbo Pascal Gameworks

A bit of a longshot, but I am looking for the source code that came with the Turbo Pascal Gameworks (Borland). I purchased it a very long time ago (late 1980's I'm sure), and while I have the book it came with, and the compiled programs, the source code disappeared soon after 5.25 inch floppy drives went out of fashion.
As part of the package there was Turbo Chess, Turbo Bridge and Turbo Gomoku. I am mainly interested in the Bridge program, but any leads will are appreciated.
Searching the internet seems to throw up lots of mentions of the book, but the source code seems to be lost. Help!

*** Happy update: Bill Gletsos (ACF Ratings officer) pointed me to, which had a zipped file of the source code. There is also a lot of other abandonware stuff there as well, although you do need to create a (free) account to download

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