Monday 24 August 2015

Canberra Chess 960 Championship

Chess 960 (or Fischer Random) has its fans, but hasn't really taken off in a big way. There have been a few big tournaments here and there, but it probably still considered a 'variant' rather than a 'version of chess (NB I know that the rules for Chess 960 are included in the Official FIDE Laws of Chess, but despite being a member of the FIDE Rules Commission at the time, I must have missed the meeting where they were officially added)

However as a variant it is probably one of the better ones, and tournaments are still being held. In fact the ANU Chess Club is hosting a Chess 960 event this coming Wednesday (26 August) and for want of a better claimant, this might be considered the ACT Chess 960 Championship (NB This is not an official ACTCA title!)
For those wishing to take part, the tournament will be a 9 round event, played at a Blitz time control (G/5m). For each round a single position will be generated, and the players will have 60 seconds to work out what is in front of them. Entry into this (fun) event is free, and is open to all players (no club membership necessary). The club opens at 6:45 pm, Asian Studies Building, Ellery Cres, ANU, with play starting at 7pm

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