Sunday 9 August 2015

The sneaky Qb6

There was a murmur of excitement at Street Chess, when one of the players (Thomas Johnston) found a very clever mating idea against Matthew Bennett. "Put this on your blog" was one comment, the only problem being that the game was not recorded.
However the key idea in the game was easy to remember, as it involved a white queen landing on b6, protected from capture by a pin on the c pawn. The unusual feature here is that it occurred on the queenside, as examples of Qg6/g3 are significantly more common (Game 1 in Logical Chess Move by Move is one such example).
As I don't have the game played on Saturday to hand, I can at least show you a similar game where the same idea is executed. I'm sure White saw the idea a few moves earlier, and so found a way to punt the Black queen before lowering the boom.

Schneider,Rafael (1823) - Pericas Rechi,Marc [B01]
EU-ch U16 19th Fermo (8), 08.09.2009

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