Thursday 13 August 2015

A repeatable mistake

My ability to remember opening theory stopped around the time The Simpsons started appearing on TV. This is not a coincidence mind you, as the part of my brain that was set aside to remember new opening lines, was instead filled with quotes from various Simpson's episodes.
So pretty much my in depth opening knowledge dates back to 1993, and anything after that has a half life of about 4 days.
This was rammed home to me once again this evening, after losing the game below. 12. ... Qd5 is a big blunder, but amazingly, a blunder I have made in a previous game. During the 2007 Australian Open Major, I blundered in an identical manner to Edward Xing, but was fortunate to escape after he took the rook on g8, rather than play the much stronger Nge4.
No such luck this evening, as not only did I lose the rook on g8, but after 17.Bg5 I was dropping the piece on c5 as well. And that was enough for me!

Litchfield,Fred - Press,Shaun [C56]
ANU Winter Swiss, 12.08.2015

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