Sunday 16 August 2015

Ah, Vienna

I'm always aware of when the Vienna Open is being held, as Victor Braguine (who is a well known Canberra player) has been a regular participant over the last few years. So I make the effort to check in with the results and see who else is playing.
Well this years event is pretty big, with 464 players in the top section alone. 121 players have titles (headed by 17 GM's) and 43 countries are represented. Australia even has 3 players taking part, with IM Justin Tan, and Peter Frost playing along with Braguine. There is even an extra connection to Australia with Pete Morriss (IRL), sometimes Street Chess player, also taking part.
The first round was last night and the Australian contingent got off to a good start, with a win to Tan and draws against higher rated opponents to Frost and Braguine. Results for the event (plus some of the games) can be found at

Tan,Justin (2421) - Hund,Gerhard (2063) [B54]
Vienna Chess Open 2015 Group A Grosser Festsaal im Wiener Rat (1.30), 15.08.2015

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