Friday 7 February 2014

Winter Olympics -> Chess

Note: This post does not condone or encourage the excessive consumption of alcohol.

The Winter Olympics are starting in a few hours, but to be honest I'm not that fussed. One interesting story is about the quality of accommodation for the journalists, but if the 2010 Chess Olympiad is a guide, the Russian Government will just throw money at the problem until it is fixed.
In past years there has always been chatter about Chess being added to the Winter Olympic schedule, on the grounds that it is an indoor sport, but I'm not even hearing that talk this time. Of course chess will have a presence at these games, via the commentary box.
If you do need an excuse to have a tipple, then maybe taking a shot every time you hear a variant on the tried and true "It's a game of chess out there". Of course if you want to kill as many brain cells as possible, try watching the Curling, which is *always* described as "chess on ice".

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Anonymous said...

Chess on ice. haha