Wednesday 26 February 2014

2014 ANU Masters - Week 3

The third round of the 2014 ANU Masters saw the first appearance of FM Junta Ikeda. Ikeda has spent the past 9 months studying in Japan, with chess taking a back seat. He met strong resistance from Alana Chibnall, and while he achieved an attacking setup in the middlegame there was no immediate knock out. It was only after Chibnall declined the win of the pawn that his chances improved, and Chibnall then walked into a tactic that lost her a piece and the game.
IM Andrew Brown scored his third win of the event, after Miles Patterson wheeled out a Benko Gambit. At one stage Patterson had a dangerous looking passed pawn, but this was gained at the cost of an exchange, and Brown was able to use the material advantage to win the game. Andrey Bliznyuk - Fred Litchfield was another game where the win of the exchange proved sufficient. Again there was a faint hpe that a passed pawn might provide some compensation, but Bliznyuk scooped up a couple of central pawns before tragetting Litchfields king.
Wenlin Yin scored his first win of the tournament in a fairly wild game against Adrian de Noskowski. Yin caught de Noskowski's king in the centre, but had to worry about his own king safety. It turned out that Yin's threats were stronger than de Noskowski's and Yin was able to win queen for rook, and then force checkmate soon after.
After 3 rounds IM Andrew Brown is on 3 points, with Andrey Bliznyuk and Fred Litchfield on 2. FM Junta Ikeda is on 1/1 with 2 games in hand, while the 5th round game between Brown and Bliznyuk has already been played, with a fighting draw the result.

Ikeda,Junta (2338) - Chibnall,Alana (1896)
2014 ANU Masters Canberra AUS (3), 26.02.2014

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