Monday 17 February 2014

On FIDE Politics (and the election)

One topic I have not really covered on this blog is FIDE Politics. This is a deliberate decision of mine, given the fact that I work on a number of FIDE Commissions. However it is not because I am worried about keeping my job(s) but instead to do with the line between being a dispassionate blogger and an involved one.
Basically the issue is that I know, and work with a number of people involved in the upcoming FIDE elections (on both sides of the fence). I am also an office bearer with the PNG Chess Federation, and will have input on who the PNGCF decide to vote for. So I feel it would be difficult for me to blog on the issue (and there are so many posts that could be written) while taking a 'hands off' approach to my posts.
Some of you might think this is a cop-out and I wouldn't disagree with this point of view. Those of you who have spoken to me privately probably already know my opinions on the FIDE Election (and the candidates), but for this election these opinions will remain private.

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