Friday 28 February 2014

Chess on the tube (or how to start your own TV station)

There was a time when owning a television station was restricted to the rich and the few. However this all changed with the arrival of the internet, and more specifically youtube. So now if you have a PC and a camera, you can have a TV station of your own.
Of course this ability to produce and distribute your own content has made it a crowded and competitive field. And not just in the area of stupid cat videos, but also in fields like chess. There are a number of Chess 'stations' in operation, some connected with other chess resources (such as playing sites) and some existing on their own.
A new entry into the market is Bundy Chess. It is a youtube channel run by IM Andras Toth, and has an emphasis on chess puzzles and the demonstration of chess beauty (NB He explains what he means by this in his first video). The channel has only been running for a month but already has plenty of content, with 24 videos up at last count. Each clip runs for between 2 and 6 minutes so you can digest them in bite-sized chunks. Every clip is intended teach you something, so if you are looking for a way to improve you chess, or just to see some very nice puzzles, visit Bundy Chess at youtube.

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