Monday 10 February 2014

Tai Chi Chess

Riding the bus to work gives me a chance to catch up on some chess reading. One book I need to read, but never have the time to, is "Chess Strategy for Club Players" by IM Herman Grooten. While it is intended as a training book, it is possible to dip in and out of the chapters.
Today I had a look at the "Harmony and coordination" chapter, and discovered the concept of "Tai Chi Chess". In Tai Chi Chess the player avoids the fight until absolutely ready, while the opponent expends energy trying to hit a target that isn't there. The example game given was a win by IM Johan Van Mil over GM Lothar Vogt. The key ideas of Tai Chi Chess are demonstrated from move 20 onwards, where Black decides against grabbing the b2 pawn, and instead co-ordinates his pieces. Move 41 for Black is also worthy of notice, as he realises the White knight would be "best placed beside the board".

Vogt,Lothar (2465) - Van Mil,Johannes A J (2345) [B46]
Kecskemet op Kecskemet (10), 1985

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