Tuesday 28 May 2013

Proving my point

Having demonstrated the difficulty in hacking at CC, I can now provide further evidence regarding the same idea in OTB chess. This game was played this evening at the Belconnen Chess Club, against Tomson Qin. I decided to avoid Open Sicilian theory by choosing the Closed Sicilian, and was helped by my opponents setup. While my position looks scary, and I thought I was better for most of the game, my opponent missed some key defensive ideas. Unilke CC, where he would have days to find the best defence, in this game he was under 10 minutes around the time I sacrificed on f6. As a result he lashed out with Nxe5, which turned out to be the losing move. Either 26... c3 or even 26. ... Ne7 would have forced me to think a little bit harder, but to be honest, I'm sure the combination of threats against the king, and my opponents shortness of time would work in my favour anyway.

Press,Shaun - Qin,Tomson [B24]
Belconnen CC, 28.05.2013

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