Thursday 2 May 2013

Aronian and Gelfand tie for first in Alekhine Memorial

Lev Aronian and Boris Gelfand have tied for first in the 2013 Alekhine Memorial. A score of 5.5 (+2) was enough for first place, with Aronian winning the title on count-back (Most wins). In outright third was Vishwanathan Anand on 5.
While the field was a mix of top 10 players and 2700's, it is interesting that both Gelfand and Anand finished where they did. During last years World Championship match between the two, there were plenty of comments about the quality of play, and more importantly, the quality of the players. While I certainly agree that a number of games in the match were disappointing, both players have clearly shown that they still belong in the chess elite. This also bodes well for the Anand - Carlsen match, as it also shows that Anand will be no pushover.

Aronian,Levon (2809) - Vachier Lagrave,Maxime (2722) [D85]
Alekhine Mem Paris/St Petersburg FRA/RUS (9), 01.05.2013

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