Sunday 26 May 2013

CC hacks are hard work

As the title of the posts says, playing a successful hack in Correspondence Chess seems to be a lot harder than in OTB chess. I've now had a couple of games where I've built up a position that suits my sac and hack style, but looking deeper into the position, I've had to cry off. Unlike my OTB analysis, the assessment "I have  no idea what is going on" doesn't fly in CC.
The following just completed game is an example. I spent a lot of time trying to make ideas around Nxd5 work, as well as trying to justify various rook sacrifices down the g and f files. I did think that my idea of h6 was pretty inspired, until I saw that I had missed my opponents reply of g6. In the end I repeated the position to split the point, but all through the latter  half of the game I was wondering if I was missing the knock out blow.

Press,Shaun - Garau,Bernard [C02]
AUS v France, 29.12.2012

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