Tuesday 14 May 2013

2013 European Championship

Lost in the hubbub of Norway/Alekhine/GP series of events, is the 2013 European Championship, which is currently being held in Legnica, Poland. In fact the end of the tournament is quite near, with Alexander Moiseenko leading with 7/8, over Constantin Lupulescu. The leaders are a bit of a surprise as both  are rated below 2700, while a number of the 2700+ brigade (11 in all) are someway back, sitting on +1 or +2.
As with previous editions of this event, the field is top heavy with GM's. In fact over half the field holds a Grandmaster title, making the battle for the top placings particularly tough. Of course some players hope to win the overall event, but also on offer are a number of qualifying spots for the 2013 World Cup, and the last few rounds will see players calculating their chances of a second payday.
The website for the tournament is here, and contains all the results, games and media coverage of the tournament.

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