Thursday, 22 September 2011

Vega 6

A few years ago I mentioned the Vega Swiss Pairing Program. One of the nice things about it is that is free to run under Linux, although you have to buy a licence to use it with Windows. Since my first mention it has gone through a number of improvements, and just recently Version 6 was released.
The other great thing about Vega is that it doesn't use 1 pairing system, it can use a whole lot of them. The Dutch, Dubov, Lim, USCF and a couple of other systems are included. You can also write your own pairing engine and use Vega as the interface, which is something I have almost finished doing myself.
It can be downloaded from the developers website. If you want to check it out, either run it under Linux for free, or use the restricted version (30 player maximum) under Windows.


Garvin said...

Do you know why the difference in cost between Linux and Windows?

Shaun Press said...

Linux, and the development tools that go with it, have been built through the time and effort of volunteers (in the main) and is available for free. Therefore it costs nothing, in money terms, to develop software for Linux. Windows on the other hand costs money, as do the development tools (compilers etc), and so almost every piece of software incurs a cost to the developer.

Pete (Ireland) said...

Hi Shaun,

Does this programme support accelerated pairing as done in the British? I'd like to try that out sometime, but don't know a programme that does it.

Many thanks.

Shaun Press said...

It does do acceleration, but from reading the documentation it does so by adding points to a players score, rather than system described by Stewart Reuben in his book (which is presumably the one you are after).

Pete (Ireland) said...

Thanks Shaun. Yes, Stewart Reuben's is the one I was after. Though adding points might be the next best thing.

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