Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Illingworth - saving the best till last

Of all the current young Australian chess players, FM Max Illingworth would be the most frequent rider of the emotional roller coaster. I've seen him score some joyous tournament victories and witnessed some of his devastating losses.
His current overseas chess journey started out not looking so good, but ended on a high, with Illingworth scoring his first GM norm. Playing the the September First Saturday Tournament in Hungary, Illingworth scored 7/9 for a 2600+ performance rating. He started with 3 wins over GM's in the first 4 rounds, before finishing with 2/2 to score the norm.
In the final round he scored a strong win with the recently fashionable Gajewski Gambit in the Ruy Lopez. I'm not sure how much 'prep' was involved by either side, but if it was, it looked like White may have missed the fact that after 15. .. f3, White scores a miserable 7.1%

Rodrigez,Lopez Rafael (2313) - Illingworth,Max (2357) [C96]
First Saturday 2011 szeptember GM Budapest (9), 11.09.2011

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