Tuesday, 20 September 2011

European Club Cup

Having blogged for 5 or so years I realise that there are times where I repeat something I said last year or the year before. This is likely to be the case with tonight's topic so I'll summarise previous posts on this topic
Australia: does not do teams chess well
Europe: does teams chess well
ECC: Scarily strong event

The years European Club Cup has 65 teams, including a number with an *average* rating of 2690+ Obviously these teams are likely to win, but further down there are other teams who might make it interesting. Team 23 is simply name "Perfect" , while one of the English teams may be giving away their opening secrets by calling themselves "e2e4". In fact there are a few teams from the British Isles (White Rose, Nidum, Gonzaga) but despite the popularity of the 4NCL competition, these teams are towards the back of the pack.
While none of these teams are likely to be in the running for the medals, I'm sure there are still bragging rights to be had, based on their final placings. Click on the above link for results and games.

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