Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Intra tournament travel

Travelling between tournaments can be hard enough on the system, but travelling within tournaments makes even less sense to me. It has certainly happened a few time throughout history, but it seems to be more prevalent in recent times. The 2011 Grand Slam Masters Final, which starts in a few days, is split between Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Bilbao, in Spain. There is a 4 day gap between the two halves of the event, but even then, having to travel between continents may disturb a players equilibrium.
The record holder for such travel, at the highest level at least, would certainly go to the AVRO Tournament in 1938. Every round was held in a different city/town in The Netherlands, with players often having no rest days on which to travel. Of course The Netherlands is a small country, but moving about would make preparation hard.
In Australia, probably the best example of this system (multiple venues), would be the Victorian State Championship, which is shared between a number of clubs in Melbourne. At least in that case the players do not have to change accommodation between rounds, although I suspect work and commuting schedules would still cause some angst.

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