Thursday, 29 September 2011

A quick win for PNG

Although I've decided that CC and online turn based chess isn't going to result in the dramatic improvement that I hoped, I still play the odd game now and then. I am in the middle of a mini-match (2 games), while wearing my PNG hat on, with 1.f3! the mandated opening move. This is the Gedult Opening, named after David Gedult, although Thomas Barnes played it 100 years earlier.
Opening theory on the Gedult is a little sparse, with 2.Kf2 being the most popular continuation, after almost any Black reply. Obviously the line 1 ... e5 2.g4?? is to be avoided, while Gedult himself used 1.f3 as a way of tricking his opponent into a Blackmar-Diemer after 1. ... d5 2.e4 dxe 3.Nc3.
Knowing nothing of this I simply went for development as Black and won quickly after keeping my opponents king in the centre. Not a classic by any means, but a good example of development versus non-development.

serjfromkomi - Press,Shaun [A00], 29.09.2011


Rob Watson said...

Bobby Fischer is rumoured to have played (with careful anonymity) on the Interwebs (ICC) using the 1.f3, 2 Kf2 opening. And also as Black (including 3...Ke6). Even against the likes of Nigel Short. Some games here:

Paul said...

There is a book on French Master David Gedult's games...