Friday, 22 May 2009

Simple Rv rook P

Of course simple isn't always simple, especially when you've reached the end of a hard fought game, but you still have to make sure of the win. It is usually about then you begin to hallucinate, wondering whether the position you've reached is a win or some totally unfair draw that you've blundered into. But if you reach the diagrammed position, be assured that it is a win, assuming you start with the only correct move!
1.Rb6! Trapping the king on the a file (but watch out for stalemate!) 1. ... Ka2 2.Ke6 a3 3.Kd5 Ka1 4.Kc4 a2 5.Kb3! Kb1 6.Ka3+ Ka1 7.Re6 Kb1 8.Re1+ and wins

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