Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chess Rules - A second blog

After 2 years of blogging on ChessExpress, I've decided to add a second blog to the blogspehere. However the Chess Rules blog ( is going to be a little more specialised than this one, concentrating on the Laws of Chess, as well as more general arbiting and organisational issues. It also won't be updated as often as this one, as the intention of Chess Rules is to engage readers in discussion of the issues raised, rather than just me telling chess "stories".
So feel free to visit Chess Rules, comment on the posts I made their, or even email me with suggestions for ideas you think should be discussed. One of my motivations for setting up this new blog is that I am on the FIDE Rules and Tournament Regulation Committee and have recently become Secretary of the FIDE Technical Administration Panel. So I am on the look out for input and feedback in the areas that RTRC and TAP cover, as a way of bringer broader opinion to the committee table.
The other motivation is to provide a "talking shop" for people involved in arbiting and tournament organisation. So feel free to share ideas and experiences as well, as I'm sure there will be a receptive audience.

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