Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blitz for the very fit

The purveyors of giant chess pieces must be doing a good trade in Canberra at the moment, as I have seen 3 different educational institutions purchase these sets in the last 2 months. Two of them are Primary Schools, while one of the new ANU Halls of Residences also has a set. And while they are fun to play with, you are always going to get some wag wander up and ask "Where is the giant chess clock that goes with it?" or "You're taking too long, why don't you play blitz?"
However the idea of blitz with giant pieces had already been tried way back in 1936. However in that case the pieces were 'living pieces' (ie humans), so at least they could move themselves. But the game was still played with a 5 minute time limit, so both the players and pieces had to be either quick footed or quick witted. The winner of the following game was very quick, as was his team, as he finished off white in 2 and a half minutes.

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Denis Jessop said...

The indomitable Lee Forace oversaw outdoor blitz with giant pieces and a giant clock outside the Melbourne Town Hall during the Australian Championships 2001-2002. At the time someone said the clock was to be donated to the ACTCA though I don't remember why we qualified and it didn't ever turn up. Perhaps it didn't survive the punishment in Melbourne.