Thursday, 21 May 2009

2009 ANU Open

The 2009 ANU Open is a little over 2 months away, so if you want to enjoy another wonderful chess tournament in the nations capital, it is time to start planning your trip. The event will be held on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July, at the usual venue of Fenner Hall, 210 Northbourne Ave, Canberra.
Once again the prize pool is over $3,000 with $2200 on offer in the open section and $1100 in prizes in the Under 1600 section. The last two years have seen very successful events with 96 players entering last year.
Alongside the chess will also be the ACT Go Championship, and for the first time, a Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) exhibition match will be played.
Full details of the festival, including an entry form can be found at this link.


siow, weng nian said...

Hi Shaun,

NSWCA's webpage has the ANU Open as being held on the 1st and 2nd August.

Anonymous said...

That is a matter for the NSWCA to rectify.