Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Books to make you a Grandmaster

Of course there is no book (or books) that will guarantee you becoming a grandmaster. However I've read a couple of interviews where certain books helped future GM's get started on the path to the title. But it wasn't a case of just reading these books, as much as devouring them, in a sense.
John Nunn apparently solved all 1001 positions in Reinfeld's "1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate" when he was a junior, while Michael Adams worked his way through the 300 positions in Irving Chernev's "Practical Chess Endings", early in his career.
I guess one of the reasons why I never made it that far was I'm the kind of person who flicks to the back of any puzzle book to look at the answers, rather than work too hard on the questions. If you're that sort of person as well, then you will appreciate the following position which is problem No. 300 in "Practical Chess Endings". As it isn't too taxing a problem I will leave the answer for another day. White to play and win.

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Jezza said...

Hmm... I have not looked at everything but my thoughts are thus: 1.Be5+ If 1...Kxg6 then 2.Bc2+ and then you win the Rook and you can mate with B and N (if you know how). If 1...Kxe5 then 2.g7. If (A) 2...Rxg1 then 3.Bg4 Rh1+ 4. Kg2 and white Queens and wins and (B) 2...Rb8 3. Bb3 Rxb3+ (otherwise white Queens and wins). 4. Nf3+ Rxf3 5. Kg2 and white queens.

Only other real option is after 1.Be5+ is 1...Ke7 2.g7 Kf7 (2...Rxg1 3. Bb3 and push the pawn home and mate with 2 bishops)3. Bh5+ maybe and then all whites piece are no longer threatened and it should be an easy win.