Friday 14 September 2012

Keep the weekend free

As I've stated before, FIDE is a pretty transparent organisation, which is a little surprising given the amount of criticism it receives. Most of its meetings are open to the public, and its agendas and minutes are made freely available on the web, for anyone to read or comment on.
This year the transparency went even further, with Sevan Muradian from the North American Chess Association filming a lot of the proceedings and posting it up on Youtube. While it may not make the most riveting viewing, it does provide an insight into how the FIDE General Assembly and FIDE Commissions work. Be warned, even in 30 minute chunks there are around 40 videos online, and you may have to try and guess where the interesting parts are. The commission videos are probably more interesting than the GA, but if you are looking to see just one FIDE chess meeting video this year, I would recommend the debate over cost recovering from the Federations who lost their court cases to FIDE.
The videos are available on the North American Chess youtube channel.

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