Saturday, 1 September 2012

Some odd blogging times

I assume that most of the people reading this blog live in Australia/NZ (I could actually check but I'm too lazy). And normally I post just before midnight (Canberra time). But the difference in time zones with Istanbul, as well as my tournament work schedule, means my posts are now appearing somewhat more random times. I had actually planned to do a post earlier in the evening (about an hour before the start of todays round), but a combination of slow internet and other priorities ended that plan.
So It is now close to the end of the round (about 2 games left). I can report that PNG improved on its score from yesterday, scoring 1.5 against Chinese Taipei. Helmut Marko continues to do the job on board 2 with his second win in a row, while Stuart Fancy drew on the top board. Of course the team is still looking for its first match points, but it surely can't be long now.
Australia won their match against Pakistan 2.5-1.5. Team captain Manuel Weeks observed that the change to match points means that you can now get excited my results that in previous olympiads would have been regarded as a bit of a disaster. The win was courtesy of Max Illingworth, with the other 3 games drawn.

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Anonymous said...

"most of the people reading this blog live in Australia/NZ" - can we have some kiwi team news please, are they on track for the Gold ? .... or a medal ....