Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm pretty sure this isn't right

While doing a little record trawling in Chessbase (while listening to the commentators of the Singapore Grand Prix exclaiming "It's like a game of chess" in the background), I came across the following gem. My original intention was to find the game where all the pawns disappeared the quickest. In finding such a game, I came across something even better.
According to my database this was played in 1991, in the Lyngby Open (which is a real tournament in Denmark). When I initially discovered the game I was surprised that while the pawns had gone, most of the pieces remained. But by playing through a few more moves, the real intention of the players became clear. Given that such things don't happen by accident, I wonder what the arbiters opinion of this creation was?

Michna,Christian - Mach,Holger (2240) [A00]
Lyngby op Lyngby, 1991


Anonymous said...

This is gold. I might give them a stern talking to as a DOP and then take them out for a beer for being so creative.

On a similar point, if players want to draw they will. It's better to see an 8 move draw where the players show no desire to play, then to see draws 'constructed' in other ways.

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Anonymous said...

If I remember right, they were german friends from Hamburg... Btw I don't remember the game and I have crowded out everything about tournaments in the rich Copenhagen suburb...


Henrik Mortensen