Monday, 13 February 2012

Harry Potter and Chess

Yesterday the family went on an excursion to Sydney to the a Harry Potter Exhibition (Costumes, props etc). While it was interesting, is was a little too small and a little bit crowded. Amongst the props they did have a couple of giant chess pieces used in the chess game from the first move (and they were quite big).
Seeing the pieces reminded me of a post I made about 5 years ago titled Harry Potter Teaches Chess. It was about the series of magazines that both taught you chess and allowed you to build a complete set.
I purchased about a dozen issues before I ran out of puff, although I have seen complete sets advertised on eBay. At the time I wondered if there would be a wave of juniors taking up chess due to the series, but I must confess I haven't seen any evidence of this at all. I might ask my coaching groups when I next see them, but for now I suspect I over estimated the influence that Harry Potter really has.

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