Saturday, 18 February 2012

2012 ACT Championship - Day 2

The second day of the 2012 ACT Championship was much like the first, with very few upsets and the top seeds continuing to dominate. After 3 rounds, the 3 players on 3 from 3 are the top 3 seeds. FM Junta Ikeda, IM Andrew Brown and Sam Grigg won their 2nd and 3rd round games to skip ahead of the field. In outright 4th is Harry Press who had a win and a draw in today's rounds.
While it is a nine round event, tomorrows rounds will probably decide the likely winner of the event. IM Andrew Brown and FM Junta Ikeda are paired on the top board, while Harry Press is playing Sam Grigg. A couple of wins by any of these players will (a) leave them in front and (b) leave them with an easier run home.
Today's featured game is the round 3 clash between Jeremy Reading and IM Andrew Brown. Reading has a very aggressive style, which I suspect is based on the belief that wins with sacrifices count double the value of normal wins. Of course this can lead to situations where a headlong charge into the opponents position can leave you exposed at the back. So it was in this case with Brown's 38. ... Rd2!! coming as a complete surprise to Reading.

Reading,Jeremy (1909) - Brown,Andrew (2215)
2012 ACT Championship Canberra, Australia AUS (3), 18.02.2012

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Rd2 - just like a puzzle! PP