Wednesday, 8 February 2012

2012 ANU Masters - Week 1

The 2012 ANU Masters kicked of this evening, with a number of competitive games. IM Andrew Brown against Andrey Bliznyuk was probably the most interesting pairing on paper, although the Grigg - Ikeda match was also worth watching. The Brown Bliznyuk did live up to expectations with both sides trying to gain space on opposite sides of the board. In fact it wasn't until around move 25 that the first captures were made. For most of the game Bliznyuk seemed to hold the advantage, but at some stage he missed a fork and lost his queen.
Ikeda defeated Grigg by targeting the  weaknesses in Grigg's position. Eventually this strategy paid off as Ikeda found a tactical finish to the game. Jeremy Reading and Miles Patterson played a draw which was heavy on positional manoeuvring, while in the following game Martijn Van De Pol found all the tactics against Ethan Derwent. (Games and crosstables will be available on the ANU Chess Club website some time tomorrow)

Derwent,Ethan - Van de Pol,Martijn
2012 ANU Masters Canberra AUS (1), 08.02.2012

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